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2012 & 2013: Portland Monthly’s “Top Docs” Issue 

Dr. Eckel on “AM Northwest”

Enjoy these videos from KATU Channel 2. As a recurring guest on “AM Northwest” Dr. Eckel has chatted about many health topics. For more videos, also check out our youtube channel

Dr. Eckel offers an excellent overview of heart health.
KATU Channel 2: “AM Northwest”  2013

Natural therapies to prevent and treat allergies
KATU Channel 2:AM Northwest”  2013

Natural therapies to treat insomnia:
KATU Channel 2: “AM Northwest”  2012

Dr. Eckel again, here talking about “heartbreak syndrome”
KATU Channel 2: “AM Northwest”  2012

2012: LA Times. Dr. Eckel was interviewed & contributed background information to “Heartbreak can take a physical toll